County Flowers of the UK Felt Brooches

We have started a collection of handmade felt brooches based on the county flowers of the United Kingdom – England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales – chosen by the British public for the 2002 Plantlife campaign. You can purchase through our King River Shoppe Etsy store where they will become available from time to time or we can make them on commission (£10 including postage within the UK) and according to your own design preferences. Send us a photo or description and we’ll do up a sample for you.

County Flower of Durham
Spring gentian
Gentiana verna

Fairly rare grassland wildflower
Blooms in May & June

County Flower of Berkshire
Summer snowflake
Leucojum aestivum

Reasonably common riverside & woodland wildflower
Blooms in April & May

County Flower of Sheffield
Wood crane's-bill
Geranium sylvaticum

Common wildflower of meadows & woods
Blooms in June & July

County Flower of Bristol
Lychnis chalcedonica

Common wildflower of the country & roadside
Blooms May to August