lutruwita – Van Diemen’s Land Page

Founded in April 2017, lutruwita – Van Diemen’s Land Facebook page was set up to collect and share information related to the study of everything Tasmanian, with a specific focus on Tasmanian history, people, folk culture, landscape and local businesses. Since its founding more than 5 years ago, our humble page has organically grown to more than 1000 local likes and followers. Everything we share on VDL page is done on a volunteer basis and is not for profit or personal gain. Our aim is to encourage and support individual, family and group engagement within the local community. Our page is strictly non-political in nature.

Over on Van Diemen’s Land Facebook page we share a wide range of articles and posts from Tasmanian based spaces such as: photographers, artists, writers, crafters, museums and art galleries, local businesses, library and council news, important government announcements, men’s and women’s organisations, produce growers and makers markets, tourism promoters and providers, NGOs and charities, wildlife conservation, environmental causes and groups, maritime news and fisheries, public media – ABC and other local newspaper stories, local and family history groups, UTAS and other education providers and anything else we feel is in the public interest.

If you have anything Tasmanian that you wish to share and/or promote on our page, we are more than happy to oblige. You can do this by sending us a message through Facebook or contact us via email at:

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